The Crew

Douglas Luna: Founder

Born in Managua, Nicaragua on July 19th 1986 as the last shots of the civil war were being fired, his birth was a metaphor for a fresh chance at success. Also coincidentally the same day as Independence day in Nicaragua. Douglas moved to Rochester NY at the age of 5. Moving to the city of Rochester was a very comfortable experience due to the multi-cultured nature of the environment. When he was 8 his family moved to the suburb’s . Attending Caledonia Central School in Caledonia , NY, Luna experienced for the first time a majority white community. It was in these early years where he retreated to art to help escape the reality which was that he was an outsider. Growing up around these people has given him a very unique prospective of the world. Graduating from HS in 2004 Luna took money he had saved up throughout HS and backpacked Europe wanting to understand the outside world more and more having had the chance to see India in 2001 he wanted to see the more successful European world. In 2005 Douglas Luna attended Keuka college in Penn Yann , NY where he studied Political Science before dropping out. Luna spent the next few years finding the right people to make his dreams come true. In 2007 he enlisted in the United States Army as a Combat Documentation Specialist. In 2008 he attended the Defense Information School in Laurel, MD. After graduating from DINFOS he was stationed in Hohenfels, Germany where he helped train NATO and American forces in preparation for their deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. As a 25V (Combat Documentation Specialist) Luna was allowed unprecedented access to higher ranked officials and given more liberties then most lower ranking soldiers. Conversations with Generals and Colonels during field training to drinking with captains and majors in Romania gave him information and insight on the mentality of the Armed forces which most never get a chance to see who are not already indoctrinated into the system. While in Germany Luna began filming personal videos with his Canon. One day the Army needed a soldier to film and direct the video for the campaign against sexual assault. That’s how he met Daniel Bullock the current VP of Knowledge Entertainment. Luna would film his first official video for a musician 2 months later. Since then Luna has been Honorably Discharged from the US Army and filmed over 110 music videos in Germany the United States and Mexico in major cities like, Munich, Frankfurt, Nurnburg, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Puerta Vallarta and many more. He has directed videos in 4 languages for artists from 5 countries. He has had a video aired on Dish Network CATV (Central American Television) Had the top featured video on WSHH October 13, 14 (2013) which reached 4.4 million views over 2 days. 143 current video on Youtube Channel. You can contact Luna by Email : Facebook: Knowledge Entertainment Twitter: lunasvision Instagram: knowledgevision

Billy Sweet: President

Gonna keep this short. Billy is from Marietta, GA. He met Luna through a mutual friend and Knowledge Entertainment alumnus Danny Bee.  He enlisted in the Army in 2005, and finished his eight-year obligation in 2013. Billy handles all social and public media affairs, and can code like a beast. He can also freestyle better than you.


Danny Bee: Urban Affairs

Danny is the host of our “Street Knowledge” series.