WorldStar Debut/Thanks

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only for me, but for Knowledge Entertainment. After four years in the game, over 100 music videos in four languages and in four countries, with more artists than I can remember, we‘ve hit a major milestone. Tomorrow, we’ve got a video premiering on the number onehip hop VideoBlog on the planet, This is a double accomplishment for us; not only are we premiering on WSHH, but we will be featured on the top video slot, which is a rarity and usually saved for established industry artists. Switch Gear Gangs introductory video “Never Lacking,” Starring TKO Capone, SnapBack TC, Young Star and Killa B is only the first of three videos that the label decided to have us shoot. We thank them endlessly for confiding in us to make the look they would present to the world and look forward to working with the label on upcoming projects. It has been a year of ups and downs, mainly due to an arrest I experienced over the transportation of a plant which is legal in progressive parts of our country, yet still carries felony charges in states like Texas that use drug arrests to further their conservative backwards agenda against minorities and whites who are not in line with traditional American values.

With court coming up on November 6th in Texas, I want to take this time to toast to every single person who has helped me on this path. First, after dropping my co-founder for foul play when the police had us under pressure, my best friend and current VP of Knowledge, Daniel Bullock, AKA Danny Bee. He got me into this game, and made me believe I could do things that I didn’t know I could do. Next, my girl in Germany for putting up with my bullshit, and my son for being my drive to succeed. I want to to take the time to list everyone who has helped me on this journey and I look forward to building and working with you all in the future. We are currently working on European tours with Wu-Tang members, and other artists, many of whom I am savingas a surprise for later. I also want to thank our newest member of Knowledge, Billy Sweet, who has made this website possible. Special thanks to Nick Lavigne, Courtney Lindsay, Lamont Prilou, Eric Cabral, Timur Mamaz, “Willie”, Pale, Kevin Hulse, Gino Palu, Ol Goat, Nizz, Joe Manillo, ID, Ryan Walter, Jimmy Glass, Immortal Technique, 4914, Killah Priest, BelAir Shisha Lounge, Raw Life Muzik, Ace High, Young Tank, Im Shmacked, J Smooth, Kidd Fresh, Lil Tae, CHANCE WILLZ, Boozey, A Tamaris, <<(RIP) Pavillion Di Dari, Tara Robinson, Rio Perigo, Flo, Terry Roberson, DJ Vision, Fuzzy, Panda, Hasan Salam, Matthew Elmore, Devon Pops, Mike Mulderick , Special Missions Platoon, (not including the dick faces) Alex Weber, Patrick Johnson, Cory Reed, Jermaine Robinson, Vitalij Vigdtorchik, Markus Lotter, Mia Parker, Tony Young, Stephen Harcus, Audiffred Laboy, Lopez, Quevo, Benjamin Boren, Timo Deejay, Benny Rome, Young six, Persels, Joogy, Alan Moos, Ricky Riddle, AJ Bell, Kailee Robinson, Dayna Hoyt, Phill Higgins, Joe Wilson, Jose Torres, Liam Mulrooney, Cavazos, Ronald Gaete, Seth Barham, Meghan Harcus, <<( RIP) Hanson Mendiola, <<(RIP) Rigo Valentino, Tez Banga, Marquette Gibson, Theresa Danielle, James Day, Pernille Lassen, Ron Harris, Caleb Hobbs, Eric Guzman, Keylour Halbour, Clayton Young, SFC Owens, Franki Veliz, Nicole Sylvester, Sober Mind, Tristan Bolden, and Erik Anderson. I apologize if I left anyone out, I have just met so many awesome people in the last few years, it all gets cluttered in my mind. Last but not least, everyone who just comes to sulk and be mad, I appreciate you too. “Don’t be mad, be motivated.” Diddy